This is an 11 second move.  From about 1 second to 4 seconds, the speed of  the two pan axis (the jib and the camera head) speed up.    The slower of the two videos is the reset.  The Reset, it should be noted, is now SLOWER than the actual move, whereas before it was faster.   The speed of the reset axis has not changed from when you were all here for the scout.  I've managed to coax a fair amount more speed out of things!

3rd video is faster yet, with a faster initial tilt movement on the camera head.  I think with the combination of efforts, this should get us a long way toward achieving a much higher woosh factor.

4th video is the camera speed (4.5 seconds, 360 degrees) 5th and 6th videos are a camera test with an 85mm lens, on a 60d.  The lens is an EF-S. 

There are notes when one clicks on the 5th image to understand what is being seen.

5th Video is to understand the rig, 6th is the actual image from the camera.  

The turntable is pictured, as it too is a rotational axis which is faster than the pan head, with 1/4" mounting holes for rig options.  This takes 250lbs.   We could mount a Pan/Tilt Axis to this if we wanted, or even a jib with  the same axis for rotation.  This would effectively about quadruple the pan speed of  just the head alone, if needed.

The 7th video is a heavy load / multi tit / smooth landing test.  There is a little over 12lbs on the tilt axis with no problem obtaining 90 degrees.

The 8th Video has 13. 8 LBS on the PAN / TILT head.  This is 6.5 Kgs.

Overall, this is a good example of what the rig can do at weights that we need to operate with.  The rig is clearly not maxed out.  It also shows the time involved (Roughly 3 hours, from build to final) to create the move, given that we had started the endeavor last week (time not included).  With this experimentation, we've gotten a fast, smooth shot that, despite not being yet perfect, is close.  Now that parameters and weight are understood, all future efforts with this set up can go ahead with a good deal of understanding.

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